Connie Callahan: Blog en-us (C) Connie Callahan [email protected] (Connie Callahan) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Connie Callahan: Blog 120 80 The 4th July!! Slow Shutter.... best used on Fire Works! I had the shutter set to "Bulb" and the aperture was at 11. I would keep the shutter open and then put a black card in front and as soon as a firework would go up I would move the card and count 2 seconds and then cover it up. When you think you have enough you close the shutter. And here you go!


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LAZY SHUTTER Lately I'm stuck on trying to use a slow shutter speed to create, a very mysterious look, so I have been taking my tri-pod with me everywhere. So far I have learned you better have a lot of time at night to do these pictures. One exposure was 15-20 minutes. I'm very determined to create some more soon. Maybe with lightening from the monsoons! 


So, here is the deal! Put your camera on Manual, yes, I said manual! That's when you will catch some of the most amazing pictures! You want to leave your shutter open as long as you can to create movement. You will need a remote or put it on timer once it is focused on what you want to get in the picture. The shutter should be under 30, I would just keep dialing down until you get the movement and light you want in your picture. The aperture should be above an 11, I say this because you want to get as much detail in the background as you can. Once it's all set you can set your timer or press your remote and see what you get. If it's pitch black outside you may want to switch to "Bulb" that one is fun because it stays open as long as you keep the trigger down, I use a remote for this one. : ) Here are some of my "BULB" exposures they were longer then 5 minutes. 




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